The bullet in the head...




'bout me? Haha.
Can't you see what you're doing to me?

Morgen fahr ish wieder hin nyoa...
Wird bestimmt lustig
Aber irgendwie habsch auch gemischte Gefühle...

Stop before you start falling!
Ish glaube es is zu spät um zu stoppen...
Bin mir aber nicht so sicher...
Ach is doch alles plöde -.-

Why can't you see it - you make believe that I'm here on my own!

I need you to love and that is true!
All that I want is only you.
You are the one for me - for me!
You are everything that I need
My heart is pumping to the beat!
You know it's true
You know I love you!

Come - Come close to me I wanna hold you!
Come - Come close to me I need you!


11.5.07 00:02

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